Environmental Protection

Recycle & Save are striving to recycle as many printer consumables as possible on a repeated basis to help contribute to a better environment in China.

We sell almost exclusively recycled products such as paper and stationery as well as cartridges to try and spread the awareness of the need to be recycling as much as possible, now and in the future.

Above you can see the effect pollution is having in Beijing where our head office is located. The necessity for ‘Green’ technology to be used can be seen at street level, and you can help by using recycled products in your homes and offices.

Please see on this page some of the different environmental impacts you can see in China due to the waste. Click here to read more about Waste Expansion.

Also, Recycle & Save have established a partnership with Climate Action which allows us to contribute 1/50 of a carbon credit to the Pingwu Renjiaba Hydroelectric Project in Sichuan Province, China. This allows us to contribute even further to improving the environment in China, something no other company in China can offer you when you make a cartridge purchase, OEM or aftermarket.

For more information on Climate Action and the Pingwu Renjiaba Project, please click here.

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    Action referral’ link: Climate Action offset Logo

    Recycle & Save is further reducing the environmental impact of their products by embedding 1/50 of a tonne of carbon into each cartridge. To learn more about their products please visit: www.recycleusave.com

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